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Erfolg & Lebensfreude mit Hilfe von Skype Coaching mit Wolfgang A. Haas – für Ihre innere Balance & im Beruf zur Unterstützung von Kompetenz, Persönlichkeit und Karriere.

EFT Tapping is a powerful, proven technique | Wolfgang A. Haas - Skype Coaching in Zurich

Personal crises and mental difficulties and energetic blockages are obstacles on the way to a fulfilling life. ✔ EFT Tapping can help you to escape you from this valley.


It really worked, everything was smooth – I was very relaxed and was able to play loose. That was obvious not only to me, but also to my dear colleagues. I was very happy and I thank you for your valuable support with a cordial „pamm – pamm – prrammpammpamm“! ;-)
— A drummer from a symphony orchestra

EFT - emotional freedom technique
energy Psyhology

If we look from the perspective of our energy system, personal crises, stress situations, ongoing negative thoughts, emotional problems, learning blockages or obstacles on our path are simply energetic blockages.

This perspective is very helpful to shift our attitude from feeling helpless and powerless to see problems as an opportunity to heal and grow and therefore to reach more happiness and joy. The methods of Energy Psychology are creating always a new energy balance and energy flow and that’s why we can observe very often amazing positive changes in a short period of time.

Tapping Acupressure or Tapping Techniques are the most common applications in Energy Psychology. They go back to Roger Callahan, a creative and open minded psychotherapist and kinesiologist and are known under many different names, all with a similar approach: TFT, EFT, MFT, MET etc.

Gary Craig trained with Roger Callahan in the early 1990s and found through his experience that the sequence of tapping points did not matter and that special proprietary procedures were therefore unnecessary, so by the mid 1990s he had simplified ingeniously Callahan's procedures. He has developed EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), probably today’s most wide spread technique. Since then I have found my most inspirations in the constantly growing world of EFT. I have had extensive training in different tapping techniques and I have read much of the specific literature. In all my many years experience with this fantastic technique, I am again and again excited about the amazing positive changes.

Tapping Acupressure is an emotional, needle free version of acupuncture.
Instead, clients tune in emotionally to their problem while stress releasing points are lightly being tapped. This harmonizes gently but deeply our whole meridian system. You don’t have to know the cause of a problem.

Tapping Techniques can be used with panic/anxiety, fears/phobias, allergies, anger, jealousy, pain management, disappointment, shame, heartaches, grief, depression, guilt, traumas, frustration, stress, performance blockages, sleeping disorders, despair and much more.

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