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Ahornstrasse 8
CH-9105 Schönengrund

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Erfolg & Lebensfreude mit Hilfe von Skype Coaching mit Wolfgang A. Haas – für Ihre innere Balance & im Beruf zur Unterstützung von Kompetenz, Persönlichkeit und Karriere.

Life and Skype Coaching is easy | Wolfgang A. Haas – Coach in Switzerland

Coaching via ✔ Skype is simple, flexible and effective! You can improve your success and change your overall life situation with the help of ✔ Skype Coaching with ease.

Life Coaching

Why are you here?

«I am completely confused and I turn in circles. I have to make a decision, but my feelings are driving me crazy.”

«I have attended so many workshops, have read so many books and practiced exercises, but I still fall back in my old patterns or experience repeatedly the same frustrating situations. I am stuck on my path, in my personal development”

“My fears limit me. I cannot enjoy my life anymore.”
“My thoughts are turning in circles, very often also at night. I cannot let go, even though I really want it.”

Now that Wolfgang offers his guidance in Skype, it is even better … I do not have to commit the time to travel to a practice from home or work. (I even had a session from abroad on a trip lately)
— Y.B.

“When you think everything is someone else’s fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy.”

– His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

What is important for you regarding coaching, counselling?

I do not know that, of course, but I can imagine that the first thing you need is to develop confidence in the person from whom you want to have a competent and effective support.

I love my fellow human beings and it is my mayor concern to always create a connection from heart to heart.

On this page I want to provide information but also a feel for you on my approach and my attitude in my coaching. 

What do you want to achieve?

I believe each and everyone of us has a basic need:

I want to be loved and accepted.

And that starts naturally with ourselves. You should be willing to look at yourself in order to meet this need. What I also heard from many people who I have coached:

I want to be  at peace finally. I want to feel  free and released.
Now I know how to move on.
I want to enjoy my life with joy and enthusiasm again.

Now I feel what I really want even though I have these mind chatter.
Now I am able to think clearly even though I have all these emotions.

How you may imagine my Life Coaching

With my powerful intuition, my broad life experience and my clarity, I am able to understand a situation on many different levels and to recognize very quickly the essentials. 

Together we will look at your situation and in the beginning I am just listening to what you have to say. Additionally, I work with EFT, a kind of tapping acupuncture. EFT is a very powerful tool to make a real difference and it allows us to create a new foundation for you on which basis you will be able to step forward. 

Often, this results in profound changes and transformations in a relatively short time. Your awareness of your body may change, be it that you find a new connection to your body with all its strengths and weaknesses, but also that you may find a new way how to support your body.

Coaching via video call has the big advantage that it is very flexible and easy. You are location independent and do not need to go to a practice. At the same time, you are in a familiar environment. I support you from the outside, to allow you new perspectives.

During personal sessions in my office I often use the kinesiological muscle test as an instrument to explore and release deep, unconscious blockages.

You know what it is all about

I am firmly convinced that basically you are the one that knows what it is all about you (even though you often feel different).

Therefore, you should be ready to help yourself.

And, as expressed in the quote of the Dalai Lama so beautifully, you should be ready to stop blaming others or external circumstances. This means that you should be willing to take full responsibility for yourself and your life. This may be quite challenging, but the willingness to do so is enough. You can rely on my compassionate attitude and my great experience, as well as to have the time and space for your process, which you decide for yourself.
So, my job is to help you to help yourself and access your own resources.

I accompany you on your way to yourself. where the solutions of your problems are already waiting for you.






If you already have an inner Yes for my Life Coaching you may book a session conveniently here or via shop. You will receive a confirmation email with all info and the details to make an appointment.

Likewise, I am glad about your call or your email, if you have any questions beforehand.

A session is usually 60 minutes and the prize is CHF 150.00.

Termin Vereinbaren -- Schedule Appointment