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Erfolg & Lebensfreude mit Hilfe von Skype Coaching mit Wolfgang A. Haas – für Ihre innere Balance & im Beruf zur Unterstützung von Kompetenz, Persönlichkeit und Karriere.

About me | Wolfgang A. Haas – Skype Coaching in Zürich

With my powerful intuition, broad life experience and clarity, I am able to understand a situation on many different levels and to recognize the essentials very quickly.

About me

Skype coaching to achieve life work balance and achieve more success in life. Through the expert for manager development: Wolfgang A. Haas.
Dear Mr. Haas, that was very pleasant, revealing and liberating last week. Obviously it also had an impact on my professional life. I did not sign the contract. So I have significantly less income, but still feel rich! And that feels good.
— A.T.

I love my fellow human beings …

… I was already aware of this as a hopeful 18-year-old. I remember a corresponding diary entry from that time. And that is still a basic pillar for me when I work with people.

My life has often gone unconventionally

Throughout my life I had many different occupations, such as: flower delivery boy, worker for a veneer work and a chocolate manufacturer, construction worker installing doors and windows in a 1000 apartment large building site, Business Administration Manager, Product Manager, Sales Person for photocopiers and office organization equipment, responsible for gastronomy and PR on the board of a culture cooperative, CFO and CO-CEO, Manual Therapist, Kinesiologist, alternative Psychotherapist, Workshop and Seminar Instructor, Life & Health Coach, Chairman of the Board and CEO of a worldwide known Clinic for Biological Medicine.

Here you will find an “official” CV.

I am A child of 1968

Born in the year 1951, I am a child of the sixties. Not so much regarding politics. I was totally fascinated by the hippie movement and the music of that era. And of course, we founded our first band at age 15 and had the fantasy that our own written music would conquer the world like the Beatles (I wanted to be Paul, playing electric bass guitar). That was also a spiritual awakening and the beginning of a lifelong path of personal and spiritual development and maturation with many painful experiences in relationships and many different life situations.

Through this journey, I have gained an an enormously broad life experience which of course is part of my coaching and allows me to empathize with many different situations of my clients.

My talents

With my powerful intuition, my broad life experience and my clarity, I am able to understand a situation on many different levels and to recognize very quickly the essentials. Often this results in profound changes and transformations in a relatively short time.

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