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Ahornstrasse 8
CH-9105 Schönengrund

+41 79 620 49 72

Erfolg & Lebensfreude mit Hilfe von Skype Coaching mit Wolfgang A. Haas – für Ihre innere Balance & im Beruf zur Unterstützung von Kompetenz, Persönlichkeit und Karriere.

Free Resources for EFT self tapping at home | Wolfgang A. Haas – Coach in Zürich

A downloadable script of my ✔ Skype Coaching and ✔ Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) as a free download. A relaxation exercise that increases your overall well-being.


Script for EFT accupressure tapping

Download your script here with explanations and full treatment protocol  to try out and help yourself.

A very helpful exercise to detach yourself from Self-Identifications
you will find here

Neuro-Cognitive Decline and
Naturopathic Medicine

See this interesting presentation from the International Congress on Naturopathic Medicine, London, July 2018


Free Download of a very effective Relaxation Exercise from my CD "Selfhealing & Relaxation"

Listen or download here for free:

Helpful Links

EFT Stress-Study and research

My wife's website, Eva Sophia Haas – www.sein-navigation.ch

I am a fan of iAwakeTechnologies.com and very often I recommend their highly effective stress reduction audio tracks.
Especially the Profound-Meditation-Program which clearly deepens every kind of meditation - try it!


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