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Ahornstrasse 8
CH-9105 Schönengrund

+41 79 620 49 72

Erfolg & Lebensfreude mit Hilfe von Skype Coaching mit Wolfgang A. Haas – für Ihre innere Balance & im Beruf zur Unterstützung von Kompetenz, Persönlichkeit und Karriere.

The English EFT Shop | Wolfgang A. Haas – Skype Coaching in Zürich

Help and individual advice on ✔ personality development and ✔ Skype coaching at work. My shop offers the essential, basic equipment for your personal energetic reboot.


With my personal career, broad life experience and clarity, I am able to understand a situation on coach in Zürich different levels and to recognize the essentials of EFT Skype Coaching very quickly.
It really worked, everything was smooth – I was very relaxed and was able to play loose. That was obvious not only for me, but also for my dear colleagues. I was very happy and I thank you for your valuable support with a cordial „pamm – pamm – prrammpammpamm“! ;-)
— A drummer of a symphony orchestrra

The new AUDIO Relaxation & Selfhealing

produced and spoken by Wolfgang A. Haas

Healing, easy and effective, with very specific music leading quickly into deep states of relaxation.

Why is relaxation so important:

  • Relaxation clears your mind and your head.

  • Relaxation brings your mind to a rest.

  • Relaxation gives your body a chance to regenerate.

Wolfgang A. Haas' empathically spoken words have been chosen very carefully in order to achieve an optimal reception by our subconscious. The underlying music with wonderful, calming nature sounds is based on advanced, research-driven approaches in Brainwave entrainment technology, knowing how to evoke quickly brainwave patterns for deep relaxation states. Many enthusiastic users report that their sleep quality has remarkably improved.

Free Download of "Relaxation", also as listening example here.

Audio "Relaxation & Selfhealing
Total play time: 43:10 minutes

Download: CHF 20.00

Life Coaching Session

I do coaching sessions via Skype or in person in my office on a appointed day and time which we will have agreed upon upfront. Often, I am using Tapping-Acupressure as a therapeutic tool. You will find a script for it → here.

Skype Coaching sessions are paid in advance. please use the corresponding buttons. Payment process goes through PayPal. You can pay even without having your own PayPal-Account.

Personal sessions in my office are paid cash.


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