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Ahornstrasse 8
CH-9105 Schönengrund

+41 79 620 49 72

Erfolg & Lebensfreude mit Hilfe von Skype Coaching mit Wolfgang A. Haas – für Ihre innere Balance & im Beruf zur Unterstützung von Kompetenz, Persönlichkeit und Karriere.

Executive Coaching is for decision makers | Wolfgang A. Haas – Skype Coaching in Zürich

Executive ✔ Coaching and consulting is a best practice for ✔ decision makers and managers in a leading position and designed to motivate people with new strength.


Health  coaching  in person, telephonically or via  Skype .  Wolfgang  lives in the moment and experiences  life by  100%.
It was great to me - I was able to let go. In fact, this was’t only the case with myself, my colleagues also profited from the session. Certainly, it is a great pleasure to me and I thank you for your valuable help with a warm “pamm - pamm - prrammpamamm”! ;-)
— A professional symphony orchestral percussionist

executive coaching

My Executive Coaching apporach is centered on the person in her/his complete integrity. Being motivated by one’s own visions and values is a determining factor for success.

Executive Coaching und Consulting: You are a high level executive and you want to master a crisis, re-motivate and empower your people, achieve challenging goals and extraordinary results.

Many executives cannot express themselves anymore freely within their own structures. As a sparring partner I will support you with my broad professional and personal experience in strategy, leadership and confilct management as well as personal matters.
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Executive Coaching can take place via Skype or in person at your venues.

I am looking forward to your call or email message or you may want to book a private consultaion session right away – you're welcome.






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